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Tech Support

Alida has always been a problem solver.  She enjoys helping clients find the right software or answers to their problems.  She is persistent and does not give up up until a solution is found.

She not only finds solutions, but she also has the patience to train clients with software and operating systems.  She understands that no question is "dumb."  If the client does not know how to do something, it doesn't matter how basic the issue is, they need it explained, carefully and respectfully.  

Alida began her tech support career in 1988 at a non-profit in Dorchester MA, called Project Hope.  At that time she bought the first computer for the agency.  She was their sole tech support person.  She purchased all computers, software, trained staff, designed the website, and managed the email.  By the time she left, 17 years later, there were over 50 computers, including a computer lab with 20 computers, up-to-date software, virus protection, website, wired network, donor database and a fully trained staff.  

Currently, Alida volunteers at a senior citizen agency, Ethos; she goes to the homes of seniors to help them with their computer issues.  

" Alida listens to what your technological problems are and works with you in lay terms to look at the options and solve them. She is very accessible and responsive. After years of dealing with tech support people who either did not speak in lay terms or did not properly assess what was needed, I can guarantee Alida is the best at what she does and the one you need." 
                  ---- Beth Herr, Attorney
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