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Web Design 

Alida has designed websites almost since the internet began. She created her first site in 1999, and has designed and maintained multiple websites over the years.  [Sample of past websites].

She is self taught and has had to continue learning new programs and procedures as web design has evolved and progressed over time. She is currently proficient in HTML and CSS.  Although she is comfortable starting a website from scratch with HTML, she now prefers working with  In addition to Wix, Alida has also worked with Squarespace, OpenScholar, and other content management platforms. 

In her experience, she has found that clients will hire a web designer for a new website, but then they do not have the skills to update their own site.  Alida has found that is a good solution to this problem.  Wix websites look good and are easy to update and edit by people who do not have any HTML knowledge.  

Current Websites


Alida has been webmaster for the Labor and Worklife Program since June 2008.  In the summer of 2017, she completely redesigned the site using the OpenScholar platform at Harvard University. OpenScholar is a website creation and content management platform developed by Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science and provided by Harvard Web Publishing.

In 2016, Alida created a website for Valery Marcantonio and her tap dance studio.  The site not only keeps the instructional videos organized and easy for the students to find, but it also maintains an archive of performance pictures and videos.  The site uses the platform.

In 2009, Alida redesigned and continues to maintain the website for the Jets track club.  The site is always kept up to date with new information for the parents, including meet schedules and meet results.  The site is on

In 2017, Alida designed a website store on to sell jewelry hand-crafted by the client.   Specifically, the site uses Wix to organize and maintain the merchandise listings so it is easy to navigate through the different collections and facilitate the purchasing process.  

February 2018, Alida designed the website for this new company using the platform.

On the platform, Alida designed a website for Integrative Bodywork massage studio in 2017. 

In 2013, Alida designed a website for Bernice Buresh to promote her book, From Silence to Voice.  The site is on  

In the summer of 2013, Alida completely reorganized and redesigned Patrice's website.  Patrice is a talented artist involved in several performing styles (singing, writing, tap dancing, music therapy) and also in several bands and groups.  It was a challenge to organize Patrice's many skills and interests in a coherent, easy to navigate format. The site uses HTML and CSS.  

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